Cosgrove Endowment

A community is defined as a group of people with a common characteristic living together within a larger society.  As a member of the Pittston Community, there is one commonality that defines who we are – a flourishing public library.  This is not a service that we can simply take for granted, especially with government funding no longer available on many levels.  It requires the participation and support of all who enjoy the many educational, cultural and community events that the Pittston Memorial Library has to offer.

The Trustees of the library invite you to become a key player in supporting one of our most vital community assets.

Our library is the backbone support of a strong community – a place for people of all ages to learn, explore, and discover each other in common interests and events.

As our technically enhanced environment continues to grow, the Pittston Memorial Library must also grow in order to meet the needs and offer the relevant services to our city.

Please join us in this challenge.

Click the link to donate to the Pittston Memorial Library through PayPal. Every little bit helps!